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Token Information
Dear CME users,

If you are using SafeNet token (the blue one with LCD) for authentication to CME Service, you may skip this message as it is not valid for you.
If you are still using Yubikey token (the one bellow), please read this message carefully!
This is to inform you that the current Yubikey authentication method is being replaced with a newer solution based on the SafeNet token during November this year.

All Yubikey tokens will be disabled on November 30th, 2015.

For loging to CME from December 1st, 2015, you only must have activated SafeNet token.

Most of you already received SafeNet token by DHL. Also you have received enrollment email with the link to activate new token. Please make sure you do the activation asap and follow the enclosed instructions. (if the activation link expires or you block your account, please reach out to your local Novartis service desk)

Users who didn’t received SafeNet Token yet, please send email to RMServices, EVO (Gen) with your Name, Surname, full address for token delivery (home or office) including your country and phone number (DHL need to reach you somehow). Please use “SafeNet Token Request” as a subject!

Your CME team

SafeNet: Enter PIN and Passcode without blanks.
Yubikey: Passcode will be automatically filled in.
If you use SMS token, click  to receive a new passcode
To reset your SafeNet PIN, click
To reset your Yubikey PIN, click
For detailed instructions click